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I should have guessed that Never Have I Ever would make me feel better. The Netflix teen comedy—which stars Maitreyi Ramakrishnan as Devi, an irrepressibly hotheaded high school girl trying to navigate the world of crushes, friends, strict parents, and some very real grief—has already established itself as one of the most charming and authentic teen shows out there. But its third season, which premiered earlier this month, takes it to a whole new level. Previous seasons of Never Have I Ever had already acquainted us with Fabiola (Lee Rodriguez), a science whiz and robotics star who (at first) struggles with how to tell the people in her life that she’s gay. Watching Fab relax into her first relationship with her girlfriend, Eve, was as sweet as it was soothing, especially when she wrestled with queer predicaments that felt dead-on even to this aging millennial queer, like how to explain to Eve’s cool friends that she doesn’t know anything about lesbian pop culture.

Porter robinson second sky festival artist 2022 shirt

“I’m such a big fan of everyone who has written in, and I’m flattered that they would ever say anything to me—or that they even know who I am. Do you think they know who I am? Or do they think I’m Priyanka?” she says, as she wraps up our interview in typical Jameela-speak: easy and relatable, yet utterly empathetic and poignant. It feels like we’re living through a boom time for LGBTQ+ stories onscreen, with queer romance abounding on shows like A League of Their Own, the Queer as Folk reboot, Heartstopper, and so many more that I actually can’t list them all off the top of my head for once (gasp!). Still, all that radiant and life-affirming joy reflected back at me through my TV screen can occasionally make me feel as though I’m…doing “being gay” wrong? I mean, am I supposed to be flirting with hot queer people on a beach at sunset all the time? Because I really only do that once a year, max.

Porter robinson second sky festival artist 2022 s Hoodie

Feminism hasn’t changed for me in 2022. I just can’t believe what I’m seeing around the world, with more and more rights being taken away from women. If there’s anything I hope for when it comes to feminism, it is that we understand, now more than ever, that we need each other, that women need each other. I really hope more men [become feminists], because everyone wins when we protect half of the population. We would have more cricketers, more male politicians, more Bollywood stars speaking out against the unthinkable crimes against women or speaking out around equality. We would thrive, and the world would be a happier and safer place. So, Erin runs I Weigh with me. She took a chance on this fool and followed me in my dream and quest to try to offer people access to mental health, healing, wellness, and care. Erin, I love you and you’re the best. What I would say is that there really is a power in the words that you speak. By saying these things, urging people to take back their power and urging people to take other people’s opinions with a grain of salt, I hope we are able to make people feel more confident in their skin. A massive part of my eating disorder recovery is the work with I Weigh, and I feel the same way about de-stigmatizing my own conversations about my sexuality, or about my depression, or anxiety. Being able to reach out to other people and see that so many people feel the same way has been so remarkably healing to me. I almost feel like I haven’t given as much as I’ve gotten back. So I’m on a quest to try and deliver more.

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